THE GRACE MACHINE is an experiment that challenges the distinction between the humanities and technology by using a form of thinking based on what Roland Barthes called “gymnastic figures.” THE GRACE MACHINE magically produces words, images, modes, events, patterns, actions, positions, tricks, things, without referring to a proper ground or causal mechanism—in that sense, it is anything but a machine. For this experiment we have devised five such gymnastic figures, five postures that each epitomize a certain aspect of grace, while each deals with specific conditions of thinking that might empower us to crisscross the various disciplines.

THE GRACE MACHINE website contains general information on the project as well as specific links to THE GRACE MACHINE seminar and related projects such as THE GRACE ATLAS and THE GRACE NOTES symposium. The seminar is conducted during the Spring semester of 2022. To directly register for the seminar, please click here.
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