Actors will follow a different rhythm than the Audience or Chorus members. Actors will meet twice every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 12.30 and 13.45 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). However, we strive to be flexible with the schedule, since not all actors might be able to follow all discussions. For Georgia Tech students who have enlisted in the ARCH 4803/8803/6352 courses it is mandatory to participate in all biweekly meetings. For external students the schedule will be less strict; however, it is expected that your commitment to THE GRACE MACHINE experiment partially fits with the six blocks and their preparation. (Read about the schedule of the seminar here.)

Actors are responsible for preparing the live events where they will present their work in the presence of Audience and Chorus members. In preparation they will research each block by studying pre-recorded lectures of Prof. Spuybroek in correspondence with readings that are made available on Canvas. Readings consist of articles, essays and book chapters of various authors discussed in the pre-recorded lectures.

We encourage doctoral students who are preparing or have already finished their thesis and feel their work might have potential links to THE GRACE MACHINE experiment to register as Actor. You will find a high-quality platform to present your ideas and encounter genuine interest.

To register as an Actor, please go here.