We strive toward a rhythm of encounters that will keep Audience members interested, Chorus members engaged, and allow the Actors to properly prepare and present their research. For this reason we have concocted a schedule following a double rhythm where Actors meet twice-weekly to present readings and prepare for a collective discussion with Chorus members and Audience. Chorus members will follow a less intense, two-week schedule where they will take part in live discussions with Actors. The dates of these events can be found below in the schedule.

We have divided up the seminar in six blocks or sections which follow the structure of THE GRACE MACHINE project. We will start off with an introductory lecture by Prof. Spuybroek that will be livestreamed on Tuesday, January 11 and Thursday, January 13. Actor-students will then take over and discuss their readings on that topic in three sessions and will finalize their research in a collective meeting with Chorus members and the Audience on Thursday, January 27.

The five core sections which correspond with the five postures of THE GRACE MACHINE—standing, jumping, hanging, floating, and falling—will follow a similar structure. Actor-students will research each section by studying pre-recorded lectures of Prof. Spuybroek in correspondence with readings that are made available on Canvas. Readings consist of articles, essays and book chapters of various authors discussed in the pre-recorded lectures. Each Actor-student is expected to study one or two of such texts in the context of the lecture video which will be uploaded on the website at the appropriate time. In each of the five blocks, students will meet during three sessions and then prepare for a collective discussion with Chorus members and the Audience. All the corresponding dates can be found in the schedule below; each session or live event will last 75 minutes, between 12.30 and 13.45 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time).



01.11  Introduction (live): The Grace Machine I         
01.13  Introduction (live): The Grace Machine II                    

WEEK 2       

01.18  Actor Presentations The Grace Machine section
01.20  Actor Presentations The Grace Machine section

WEEK 3       

01.25  Actor Presentations The Grace Machine section
01.27  GRACE MACHINE Live Event (Actors, Chorus, and Audience)

WEEK 4     

02.01  Actor Presentations STANDING section
02.03  Actor Presentations STANDING section

WEEK 5        

02.08  Actor Presentations STANDING section
02.10  STANDING Live Event (Actors, Chorus, and Audience)

WEEK 6        

02.15  Actor Presentations JUMPING section
02.17  Actor Presentations JUMPING section

WEEK 7        

02.22  Actor Presentations JUMPING section
02.24  JUMPING Live Event (Actors, Chorus, and Audience) 

WEEK 8        

03.01  Actor Presentations HANGING section
03.03  Actor Presentations HANGING section

WEEK 9        

03.08  Actor Presentations HANGING section
03.10  HANGING Live Event (Actors, Chorus, and Audience)

WEEK 10 

03.15  Actor Presentations FLOATING section
03.17  Actor Presentations FLOATING section

WEEK 11 

03.22  Spring Break 
03.24  Spring Break 


03.29  Actor Presentations FLOATING section
03.31  FLOATING Live Event (Actors, Chorus, and Audience)


04.05  Actor Presentations FALLING section
04.07  Actor Presentations FALLING section


04.12  Actor Presentations FALLING section
04.14  FALLING Live Event (Actors, Chorus, and Audience)