THE GRACE MACHINE is offered as a seminar series, and open to all who are interested. Though open, the seminar is highly structured to encourage purposeful and conclusive discussions. The structure is based on a division between research and discussion. The research consists of following the pre-recorded lectures by Prof. Spuybroek, which will be posted on this website, and completing a selection of readings to be made available. Participants in the research (“actors”) will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the Spring semester of 2022, each in a session of one hour and fifteen minutes. (The Spring semester at Georgia Tech runs from January 10 to April 25, 2022.) Participants in the discussion (“audience” and “chorus”) will meet the actors every two weeks during that period.

Therefore, the structure of the seminar is divided into three levels:

(a) The outer level consists of an audience that is allowed to follow the livestream and make use of the chat function. Members of the audience might listen in regularly or just every now and then. Everybody is welcome at this level. Audience may register here. There are six live events planned where the audience might follow the discussions, the schedule of which you may find here.

(b) Then, on the second level, we find the chorus of participants who will regularly return to the seminar, and who are allowed, at specific moments during the seminar, to pose questions and take part in moderated discussions. Chorus members may register here. There are six live events planned where Chorus members discuss the research with the Actors, the schedule of which you may find here.

(c) On the third and highest level, on center stage, we find the fully prepared actor who enacts specific theoretical positions. They may register for the seminar here. They are expected to write a short motivation piece. The research consists of weekly readings that follow the seminar’s structure of six blocks, namely the introduction and the five postural figures guiding us through various aspects of THE GRACE MACHINE.

Professor Spuybroek conducts the seminar in person at Georgia Tech via the online BlueJeans platform, following the biweekly structure that corrresponds with the curriculum of the School of Architecture at Georgia Tech. The class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12.30 to 13.45 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). The first meeting is on January 11, 2022. You may find the seminar schedule here.

Students from Georgia Tech (ARCH 4803/6352/8803) register via the usual channels, and will automatically be assigned to the third level. Other interested students from Georgia Tech may register via the audience or chorus level.